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The activities of the Aurum Group enterprises have a significant impact on the environment. In order to minimize this impact, the enterprises develop and implement environmental programs aimed at the reduction of existing and possible effects on the environment.

These programs fully conform to Ukraine’s aspiration to keep up with European environmental trends.

The main activities of the Group concerning improvement of manufacturing energy efficiency are focused on the following:

  • Major repair and reconditioning of manufacturing equipment,
  • Replacement of inefficient equipment with new, less energy-consuming one,
  • Implementation of energy saving technologies,
  • Optimisation of technological processes,
  • Use of associated gases,
  • Organisational measures aimed at efficient use of energy.

Along with conventional environmental programs, the enterprises implement advanced technologies, which allow avoiding pollution or enabling recycling.

Waste recycling, water treatment

In order to reduce a negative impact on the environment, the enterprises of the Group monitor and minimize water consumption and amount of disposed waste whenever possible.