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Business Partnership Code

Recognizing itself as a part of business society, Aurum Group team supports ethical, fair and open business practices.

Respect for people, honesty, decency and openness are the key principles of Aurum Group’s communication policy.

We provide only reliable information about us, our products and services.

We make every effort to avoid situations that may potentially result in a conflict of interest.

We guarantee the protection of private and personal information of our employees, partners, clients and are committed to protecting confidentiality as per the applicable law.

We abide by the agreements we conclude. If we are unable to timely fulfil our obligations, we provide prior notice about it to our colleagues and partners and offer possible solutions.

We tolerate no insult or humiliation of our employees and partners in any form: moral coercion, inappropriate and insulting words, jokes that humiliate human dignity.

We do not tolerate corruption. If you are aware of any form of corruption in the company, please, inform us immediately.

We neither accept, nor offer presents, services or signs of special attention if they make or may make the receiver dependent upon such situation.

We provide safe working conditions and strive to ensure natural environment protection at the Group’s affiliated companies.

We believe that shared values and shared objectives help our team achieve better results, provide motivation and bring the staff together.

To implement the principles of cooperation with our partners, we will:

  • Inform all employees of Aurum Group about the rules and principles of the Business Partnership Code,
  • Prevent any manifestations of corruption in relationships with our partners,
  • Implement all agreements reached,
  • Perform operations with partners transparently and at a high professional level.

For efficient cooperation that complies with the Group’s values, we expect our business partners to:

  • Prevent cases of corruption both from their side and from the side of Aurum Group employees,
  • Comply with all obligations and agreements reached,
  • Perform business operations with partners transparently and at a hight professional level,
  • Inform their employees who work with our company about the rules and principles of this Code.