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Plans today – real projects tomorrow


Corporate social responsibility is a self-imposed obligation of Aurum Group to be responsible for its activities to society and contribute to its development.

The corporate social responsibility includes development projects in various areas of social life that represent interests of the society and go in line with the objectives and tasks of the Group activities.

Key principles are following: voluntary involvement, business strategy integration, systematic character, benefit for all stakeholders and contribution to the sustainable development of the society.

Implementation of corporate social responsibility programs is aimed at creation of favourable social climate for successful business activities of the Group and its subsidiaries.

The criteria for selection and effecting activities in this area are as follow:

  • compliance with business tasks and long-term business strategy,
  • economic feasibility,
  • hard investment dead line,
  • quality change of situation,
  • creation of long-term positive effects,
  • systematic activity,
  • stable result.

Enterprises of the Group neither take part in political projects, nor support commercial programs that may cause environmental damage, harm health of the citizens, violate human rights or provoke public conflicts, etc.