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Mechanical engineering

The enterprises of the machine-building industry successfully produce a wide range of technological equipment for the car building, foundry and metallurgical industries, the agro-industrial complex, the food industry and other sectors of the economy.

The Aurum Group car building enterprises specialize in the development and manufacture of specialized railway rolling stock, as well as non-standard equipment for the construction and repair of rail cars.

Manufactured products range:

Freight mainline cars:

  • drop bottom gondolas, models 12-9790, 12-9791, 12-9933, 12-9933-01;
  • solid-bottom gondolas, model 12-9790-01;
  • pellet cars, model 20-9839;
  • grain hopper cars, model 19-9945;
  • hoppers and ballast hopper cars;
  • platforms and cars for special purposes (mowing, etc.).


Industrial freight cars:

  • rear dump cars, models 33-9901, 2BC-105.

Four- and six-wheel bogies:

  • models 18-9902, 18-9043.

The products are certified for use on the 1520 mm gauge and are supplied to almost all CIS countries.

Also, nodes, components and spare parts for freight mainline cars and other types of industrial cars are produced:

  • automatic coupling device parts;
  • four-wheel bogie parts TSNDI-HZ;
  • gondola car body parts (hatch covers, hatch cover stops, supporting brackets),
  • dump car parts, type 2BC-105,
  • pellet car parts.

The equipment for car building:

  • load-lifting devices and roller tables;
  • jigs and tilters;
  • assembly and welding stands.

Car repair enterprises specialize in the repair of freight cars of transport companies.

They do roundhouse servicing of cars, manufacture spare parts and brake equipment for freight railcars, solid fuel boilers, do metalworking, make frames and side walls for dump cars and steel structures according to customer drawings.

Up to 1,000 gondola cars per year undergo roundhouse servicing here.

The high technology level of production, the production of a wide range of components and high-quality car repair services allow enterprises to successfully compete in the domestic car building market.

Having solid experience in the valve industry for various sectors of the economy, our enterprises produce cast iron pipe fittings for general industrial purposes, in particular, for water, steam, fuel, corrosive liquids (acids, alkalis), gas, ammonia and other media.

Also, stop valves are manufactured: cast iron wedge valves, true union check valves, coupling fittings etc.


Specialists master promising types of castings, today new types of stop valves with a diameter of up to 300 mm are developed and introduced, and castings weighing from 0.1 kg to 300 kg are made from cast iron, steel, aluminium alloys, brass using green sand moulding methods and press moulding.

Machine-building enterprises produce lines for the production of sunflower oil, plate rolling machines, fire baskets, oil press plants and press extruders for the agro-industrial complex.

The enterprises have considerable experience in the production of various equipment for metallurgical enterprises and foundry production.

A partial list of products for them includes:

  • impulse moulding machine,
  • rolling type centrifugal casting machine MTsVR-1,
  • carousel chill casting machine MShKK-1,
  • rolling track of 650 and nodes to it;
  • heat exchanger sections, PESS separators,
  • bucket elevators (noria), cooling towers,
  • rolling mill floor plates,
  • roller supports, blast furnace equipment under the checkerwork,
  • punches and dies;
  • electric-steelmaking furnace lining machines and other special-purpose equipment.


Such industrial giants as Azovstal, Krivorozh Stal, Alchevsk Iron & Steel Works, Niko Tube and others are partners of machine-building enterprises.

A long-term partnership with leaders of various industries confirms the high quality of products and is evidence of a reliable business reputation of enterprises of the machine-building industry.