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Agricultural Sector

Aurum Group’s strategic plans envisage investments into most profitable branches of the Ukrainian economy.

The agricultural sector is currently a promising area for development in Ukraine, so the Group assets have included agricultural enterprises that have been already showing high performance.

Aurum Group manages a number of agricultural enterprises located in Zaporizhia and Kharkiv regions.

The total area of land cultivated by agrarians of the group exceeds 12,000 hectares.

The principal direction of the group’s agricultural enterprises’ activity is crop production. Currently, the lands are allocated for the grain, oil and some niche crops. The main grain crops are wheat and, to a lesser extent, barley. Oil crops are represented by sunflower, and niche crops include mustard and rape.

Applying innovative technologies in the development of agribusiness, Aurum Group systematically modernizes production and renews its agricultural equipment fleet, actively expands its land bank for growing traditional and niche crops.

Aurum Group employs a modern approach to a balanced farming system aimed at soil conservation, ensuring long-term land capability and high economic indicators.