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Industrial Pump Manufacturing

The Group includes enterprises that manufacture pumping equipment for industrial applications.

Due to a wide range of high-quality products and strong partnerships, Aurum Group enterprises hold leading positions both in Ukrainian and in foreign markets.

Pumps are widely used in the metallurgical, mining, chemical, paper and food industries, nuclear and thermal power industry, public utilities sector and agriculture.

An innovative design of micro and mini hydropower plants has been developed based on centrifugal and propeller pumps, while heat generators have been designed based on centrifugal pumps.

The enterprises manufacture and sell more than 220 pumping products:

  • general purpose industrial horizontal and cantilever pumps for sewage,
  • vertical propeller pumps for sewage and pure liquids,
  • positive displacement pumps and pumping units: steam, rotary, windmill and hydraulic direct-acting pumps,
  • single-plunger metering pumps, including diaphragm pumps,
  • twin-piston feed pumps,
  • three-plunger crank pumps of a PT type,
  • centrifugal water well pumps and centrifugal canned pumps,
  • manually operated pumps of NR, PR and RPN types and other types of pumps.


Specialized enterprises have designed modular pumping units of UNB, UNBD and UNBZ types for oil and gas production. Pumping units are manufactured and supplied by individual orders for specific operating conditions.

We have also developed and implemented pumping units for hydrodynamic and wet abrasive blast cleanings of pipelines, various equipment and sea crafts. A number of pumping units are produced based on high-pressure three-plunger pumps, including portable pumps with a flow rate of 2 to 8 m3/hr and pressure of 100 to 1,000 kp/cm2.


The enterprises produce more than 1,600 pumps and about 1,000 tons of high-quality castings annually.

Sustainable development and good standing of the enterprises are confirmed by long-term partnerships with leading enterprises of various industries.

The quality management system of the enterprises is certified as per ISO 9001: 2000 system. This certificate authorizes the enterprises to export their products abroad. Thus, apart from Ukraine, our pumps are used in Moldova, Belarus, Uzbekistan and other countries.

The internal-combustion engine-driven pumps are used for irrigation and melioration and are popular in such countries as Algeria, Egypt, Iraq, Nigeria, etc.