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Aurum Group finished corn harvest with reduction of expenses to 47%

An agro-enterprise Aurum Group finished harvest of wheat and barley.

As was reported by Mykola Shyshman, Deputy CEO of Aurum Group for Agribusiness Development.

“Our agricultural enterprises are in Zaporizhia region. The region is rather specific, arid. During the current year, there were no rains from March 10 to July 18 but rains hit just during the harvest time. In short, the weather conditions did not help to reach the planned yield indicators,” M. Shyshman stressed.

However, according to the head of agribusiness of Aurum Group, the company managed to significantly reduce corn growing costs with the yield indexes of 2017.

“At the beginning of this season, we upgraded the machine and tractor fleet by 65%, took a number of measures aimed at improving crop rotation and preserving soil fertility and moisture accumulation. In general, this allowed us to cut costs, depending on different crops, from 23% to 47%,” M. Shyshman noted. “We have collected 21 centres of wheat per hectare this year, by comparison in the previous year it was 18 centres. The volumes of collected spring barley, due to complete absence of precipitation during the formation of vegetative mass and the formation of the ear, are 17 centres versus 22 in the previous season.”

Also, M. Shyshman says that for today the primary tillage after the harvest of crops and the preparation of areas for sowing winter crops for 2018-2019 have already been completed.