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Structural Design and Engineering

The scientific and technical development of mechanical engineering in Aurum Group is based on innovations in structural design and achievements of technological engineering.


Design and Engineering Developments in the Car Building Industry.

Design engineers of Aurum Group have extensive experience in development of running gear and freight cars for various applications, such as dump cars, gondola cars, flat cars, hopper cars, autorack cars, four- and six-wheel bogies, automatic coupling and other car casting, nodes, mechanisms, metal works and spare parts.

The successful developments of freight cars include house cars of 11-9878 and 11-9779 series designed for transportation of palletized cargo and motor cars as well as gondola cars of 12-9830 and 12-9847 series with carrying capacity of 75 to 91 tons.

All developments are certified in Ukraine and internationally and comply with strict quality, reliability and safety railway standards.

Main development areas currently include the following:

* Designing bogies for a new generation of cars;

* Acceptance testing and certification of prototype models;

* Operational tests in the testing areas of Ukrainian Railways (Ukrzaliznytsia JSC).

Our design engineers are especially proud of bogie designs of 18-4129 and 18-9817 series. These bogies have been successfully tested on the Ukrainian Railways; their design is protected by exclusive intellectual property rights. Compared to older models, the carrying capacity of the cars has been increased by 6 tons, their performance is improved and they require less maintenance.

A freight car bogie of 18-4129 series for railways with 1520 mm rail gauge, with axle load of 25tnf and design speed of 120 km/h.

18-4129 series truck specifications

Parameters Value
Rail gauge, mm 1,520/1,435
Bogie weight, kg, max 5,300
Bogie wheelbase, mm 1,900
Total static deflection of spring suspension as regards unladenweight, mm 20,4
Allowable static load exerted by the wheel set on rails, tnf (kN) 45 (441, 45)
Suspension gear type two-stage
Bogie frame type three-piece
Vehicle gage 02-ВМ

Design features of this model allow it to be used across the entire railway network of CIS countries, Baltic countries and Georgia without speed restriction, both loaded and empty.

This is possible due to bogie specifications, including a diagonal stay rod provided, primary suspension (above the journal box) enabled by rubber-metal springs installed on adapters. The 18-4129 series exceeds previous designs considerably in terms of dynamic and travelling characteristics.

Since track impact factors and turnout switches of gondola cars on these bogies do not exceed recommended values, the bogies can be used on railways without speed restriction.

A two-axle bogie of 18-9817 series for the new generation of freight cars with axle load of 25 tnf (joint design with ACF Keystone, USA)

18-9817 series truck specifications:

Parameters Value
Maximum static load exerted by the wheelset on rails, tnf (kN) 245 (25)
Bogie weight, kg, at most 5000
Bogie wheelbase, mm 1850
Distance between spring group axes, mm 2036±3
Distance between longitudinal axes of side bearers, mm 1524±3
Design speed, km/h 120
Vehicle gage 02-ВМ

The concept and design solutions for these bogie elements are based on the need to increase inter-repair running periods by providing stable dynamic performance throughout the entire lifecycle of the bogie while ensuring that bogie impact on road structure complies with the standards and preserving the existing technologies for its maintenance and repair.

Design features:

  • Central spring suspension is equipped with 9 spring sets on each side, with inner springs installed on a higher level than external ones,
  • Constant contact bearings have coiled springs,
  • Three angels with shoe flush joints; devices of jogless brake block retraction are available,
  • Spring suspension is one-stage, the adapter includes elastic gaskets.

The bogie is designed based on solutions and technology used in Motion Control model, which is widely used on railways of USA and Canada (more than 250,000 car sets in operation).

Flexibility in spring suspension stiffness allows providing continuous hunting and swaying control and improved sequential curving for different types of cars (gondola cars, flat cars, tank cars, box and hopper cars).

Aurum Group enterprises also offer foundry engineering services

They include engineering consulting services on production process development and organization as well as optimization of foundry production process.

Our engineering experts deal with implementation of integrated foundry process:

  • process engineering;
  • design and manufacturing of technological equipment;
  • pilot-line production and assistance during certification;
  • different technological solutions for new facilities;
  • audit and optimization of existing manufacturing processes;
  • optimal selection of contractors in Ukraine.

Our experts have already proved their management experience and engineering skills in numerous projects. In particular, our engineering services have been employed by Kremenchuk Steel Works, Svessa Pump Plant, Tsukrogidromash etc.

Advanced technologies minimize production payback period and provide a comprehensive approach to customer’s problems, as well as allow offering high-quality services and products to our clients.

Our experts provide technical support of the order at all stages of engineering services provision, from professional consulting to successful implementation of the entire project.