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"Alona Lebedieva charity foundation "Aurum"


“Having plunged into problems of one of the hospitals, we decided to help medical institutions of the country systemically”, Alona Lebedieva, the founder of Alona Lebedieva’s Charity fund “Aurum”

The ambulance delivered a 7-year-old grandson of our coworker to the Kyiv City Children’s clinical hospital of infectious diseases. The boy was immediately admitted to the intensive care unit. The condition was critical and doctors did not make any predictions. In a state of tension the family and relatives were waiting at the unit, any sound from the intensive care unit was terrifying but they were waiting silently. The fact was that while the ambulance was parting between children’s hospitals, the time was lost. Neither hospital, apart from the hospital of infectious diseases, did not take on responsibility for the seriously ill patient. They said, “We are not going to take on responsibility, he may not survive till morning”. Therefore, the first thing parents were grateful for was non-indifference of doctors and the fact that they did not turn their back on the child. While waiting silently, the only thing they relied on was doctors’ professionalism. I will not go into details but will say the most important thing: the child has recovered. Completely. The doctors saved his life. Our Ukrainian doctors, who get a minimum salary and work in the conditions that usually do not meet modern requirements.

Currently, owing to decentralization children’s hospitals are getting the funding for the restoration of their material and technical base, however, the volume of work is still very high and without benefactors’ assistance, it is difficult for the state to do it independently.

As a result of circumstances, having plunged into the hospital problems, we decided to help to modernize children’s municipal hospitals systemically, registered Alona Lebedieva’s Charity Fund “Aurum” and started to do repair works. Of course, Kyiv City Children’s clinical hospital of infectious diseases, where our coworker’s grandson’s life was saved, became our first object.

Aurum Group’s mission in business is a responsible and reliable partnership with our clients. Realizing the importance of fulfilling obligations in business, we wish to perform our social obligations to society as well.