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+ 38 044 496 86 96

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Alona Lebedieva

Owner of Aurum Group

Oleksandr Trukhanov

Head of Transportation Sector

Andrii Chervonyi

Head of Railway Car-building and Repair Sector

Oxana Shkodenko

Head of Agricultural Sector

Vitalii Lytvyn

Head of Chemical Sector

Yuliia Lebedieva

Chief of editorial direction / Chief editor of publishing house “Woman”

Yaroslav Zahnitko

Chief Security Officer

Yevhen Kocherhin

Head of Procurement Department

Kostiantyn Mіsakov

Development Director

Yaroslav Mykyta

Chief Legal Officer

Tеtiana Okseniuk

Director of Finance and Economic Department

Iryna Kosenkova

Chief Accountant