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Aurum Group’s strategic plans envisage investments into most profitable branches of the Ukrainian economy.

The agricultural sector is currently a promising area for development in Ukraine, so the Group assets have included agricultural enterprises that have been already showing high performance.

Aurum Group activities in agricultural business are represented by a commercial farm unit located in Zaporizhzhya region. The core activities are crop production and ecotourism development.

The total area of land used in crop production is about 4,000 hectares.

The land is mostly planted with grain, oil and some niche crops.

Currently, the main grain crops are wheat and, to a lesser extent, barley. Oil crops are represented by sunflower, and niche crops include flax, mustard, and millet.

To ensure effective use of planted land, the company takes advantage of the crop rotation principle, changing cultivated land area each year.

The average yield for the area of risk farming, which the southern steppe region belongs to, is fairly high and amounts to 35 dt/ha for winter wheat, 30 dt/ha for barley, 15 dt/ha for either sunflower or flax and 12 dt/ha for mustard.

Since wheat is the most popular and cost-effective crop in modern agriculture, additional land share for wheat growing is to be allocated annually.

Agrarians realize that high-quality seed grain is not enough to obtain high-quality yield; good results can be achieved by employing qualified personnel, using advanced technology and high-power machinery.

Therefore, our agricultural company plans to update its machinery fleet, implement GPS navigation in order to control machinery movement and fuel consumption, build grain storage barns as well as expand cropland area and proceed to new prospective crops.